Are you wondering: does wireless dog fence work?

Are you wondering: does wireless dog fence work?

If you want to know if does wireless dog fence work, first you have to know what is an invisible fence for dogs?

Invisible fences for dogs usually consist of a wire that needs to be buried around the house, a transmitter and a receiver collar. The transmitter needs to be powered by a wall outlet and the collar is powered by a battery.
The wireless dog fence is an ingenious system that completely replaces the need for a physical boundary fence.
The system creates a secure dog perimeter "fence" as well as a "danger" or "no-go" zone for your pet. Wearing a special collar, an alarm will sound whenever your dog gets too close or tries to cross the invisible boundary you have set for them.

Depending on the exact wireless dog fence product you use, there may also be a vibrating sensation accompanied by a beeping or buzzing sound from the collar.

An electric fence rarely works alone. You should combine it with behavior training to teach your dog to stay in the yard.

If you don't want to tie them up or build a fence, then an electric fence makes a lot of sense.

So, does wireless dog fence work? How effective is it in practice?

There is no simple, definitive answer to this question. Just as a wooden fence doesn't completely prevent a pet or livestock from breaking through the fence and then escaping, neither does a wireless fence.

However, using a wireless dog fence, dogs are managed through training and prompting.
The beeps and vibrations that occur whenever they try to cross the boundary are actively teaching them which areas are off-limits to them.
With a classic fence, there is no teaching process, but simply a fence that acts as a physical barrier or simply a visible reminder of where they should not go.
A wireless fence, on the other hand, gives you the peace of mind that if your dog tries to take advantage of the fact that you are not present to monitor them and test their boundaries, they will be corrected. Over time dogs will naturally not cross out when they are near the boundary.

It is worth noting that the system will use a collar that activates a small electric current to get the dog's attention. But paying attention to the electric shock does not mean harming the animal, but simply startling them so that they stop what they are trying to do.

The Invisible Fence for Dogs is an inexpensive, adaptable electronic barrier that provides an electric shock through a battery-powered collar that prevents dogs from crossing the property line.

If you have recently moved to a home without a fenced yard, or if you have decided to adopt a dog without a barrier in your home to keep your dog, then you may be considering purchasing an electric dog fence that can prevent your dog from getting lost and injured.

Keeping your dog on your private area is an important thing to do, as many communities have laws against unrestricted dog movement and you don't want your dog to get lost or injured.

Compared to the past, traditional fences are often costly, regulated by local laws, an eyesore, and ineffective for dogs that can dig or jump underneath them. That's why most people today might consider using an invisible fence.

Here are some of the advantages of an invisible dog fence so you can decide if you should let your dog stay on your property.

There are several reasons to consider using an invisible fence instead of a more traditional dog barrier.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing an invisible dog fence:

  1. Very durable and less expensive to maintain
    This pet tool is very durable. Its transmitter unit can be set up in environments with high temperature variations. In addition, most of them are lightning and water resistant. They are not as expensive as traditional fences and reduce maintenance costs, and they are not regulated by restrictive laws regarding installation and do not require building permits.
  2. Easy to carry
    Another benefit of this product is that it allows dog owners to enjoy a high level of portability. With this excellent system, you can take it with you anywhere you go with your dog. This is very beneficial for people who like to carry their dogs around with them. For example, you can take your dog to a picnic site and still have full control of its boundaries.
  3. Very easy to install
    Wireless fences also have the advantage of being easy to install. This can easily be set up within the compound or anywhere its owner wants. Unlike traditional fences that usually take more time, it takes just a few minutes to install. In addition, it is a facility that does not require handling treatment by professional staff. Rather, after the user simply reads the instructions and quickly sets it up, any pet owner can have it up and running in no time.
  4. Provide an easier way to train pets
    This pet tool is perfect for training dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Once a dog recognizes the system's audible warning and does not cross the line, it also indirectly develops the habit of not crossing the safety zone.
  5. Maximum protection for your park's landscape
    One of the main disadvantages of a traditional dog fence is that it takes up a large portion of your landscape, thus preventing you from maximizing your land use. In contrast, when using a wireless collar, this frustration is completely prevented because you don't need to place any physical barriers on the land. This also means that your dog can be enclosed in an area without disturbing the landscape in that area. There is no obstruction of view and they are easier to move and adjust than traditional fences.
  6. It prevents your dog from getting lost easily while moving freely in a private area
    As mentioned earlier, it is virtually impossible for your dog to get away from this advanced alarm system. With no climbable or climbing structures, this provides some relief to dog owners due to the high incidence of curious dogs who tend to dig escape holes under traditional fences. The wireless collar is equipped with a warning signal that immediately alerts the owner if someone attempts to destroy it. He can then take preventative measures. And they allow dogs to roam throughout the property. They can easily go around large houses, and can be extended a bit if necessary. The dog will not run away when someone accidentally leaves the door open.
  7. Dogs cannot escape by digging or jumping. They can usually effectively keep the dog on the home.

Finally, does wireless dog fence work?
I'm sure you all have your answers in mind, and it works for most pet owners!

The above is a detailed explanation and introduction of the wireless dog fence, if you need more in-depth understanding, you can produce to see our wireless dog fence products and private message us. Thank you for reading!