Why are invisible Dog Fences getting more and more popular?

Why are invisible Dog Fences getting more and more popular?

Introduce The Invisible Dog Fences

When we have our own dog, we want to protect them from all the mishaps. With the increasing traffic on the roads, strangers walking up to the dog to play with them, etc. there are so many things you want to protect your dog from. In order to do so, we have to put up fences around our house. However, that makes our house not only look like a cage but also makes everyone, including the dog, feel trapped. All thanks to technology, we now have something called invisible fences. Well, we were as surprised by the name as you are while reading it. As the name suggests, these fences are invisible, but do the same work as any other visible fence would do.

How do the invisible dog fences work?

Starting with what all is required to make the invisible fencing work is firstly a dog wearing a receiver collar , an invisible boundary around the perimeter of the house and proper training for the dog to make it habituated to the electronic system.

You have the option to choose from two different type of boundary types, which are mentioned as below:

1.     Wireless Fence - In this type of fence, a transmitter device is installed at the center of your house. This sends radio signals to as far as 3 acres in diameter which creates a circular fence around the house. However, you can adjust the length of this radius according to your requirements. The size varies from 10 feet to 3 acres, and very device has a different length. Such a system is easily transportable as you only have to take your device wherever you go.

2.     Wired Fences – Even though these fences are wired, they are still invisible. They are installed under the ground in the shape you want, with a device installed which sends signals to these wires to establish the boundaries of the fence. These wired fence systems can help you create boundaries within boundaries. For example, if you want to install a fence around the house as well as at a particular corner inside the house, you can do that too.

What is a receiver’s collar?

For the invisible fences to work, you will have to put a collar around the neck of your dog. These collars are chargeable, portable and battery powered as well. The collar is designed in such a way that if your dog tries to go near the boundary line, he will get a signal through this collar which will alert him.

They will get a very static shock which is not harmful for them at all. This kind of shock is only to alert the dog and is in no way harmful. When you first start using the device, your dog might react harshly to it. Every dog has a different reaction to such shocks. It depends on what breed they are and their individual personality as well. If despite the shock, the dog still tries to cross the boundary, they will get a correction. The intensity of such correction can be adjusted depending on the requirements, size, nature and abeyance of the dog.

Why is the training required?

Training is an essential part of this process. This is to introduce the dog to the boundaries that you have set up for him and to get them familiarized with the areas they are free to go. During the training session, the dogs are made to understand what to do when they receive the sensation around their necks through the collar. For this training, you can use flags along the boundary line to make them learn the area.

Generally, the package of such invisible dog fences would include one or two training sessions.


What are the benefits of Invisible Fences?

The reason why these invisible dog fences are getting popular by the day are many. We have discussed a few in this article:

1.     Very easy to set-up

There is no other system of fencing that is as easy to set up as this is. All you have to do is just plug the transmitter device and the device shall be ready to use.

2.     There are no installation charges

In order to use this device, you just have to purchase it. Setting up the device barely requires anything. For wireless fencing, it is always free as there is no extra work that is required to be done.

3.     They are portable

You can easily carry these devices wherever you go. This will help you even when you are traveling as you just have to take the device and the dog along with you. On the other hand, if you go for a regular fence, that would not be very convenient for you to take wherever you travel.

Recommended products

1.     Wireless Dog Fence System for One Dog


This is one of the best products in the market. The set-up is very simple and can be completed within 2-3 minutes. The best part of this product is that is very pocket friendly. The signals are very accurate and hence, you can totally rely on the device. The control range for this product is up till 300 meters.

2.   Wireless Dog Fence System for Two Dogs


This product can be used for the safety of two dogs. There is a wireless transmitter that comes with the device. There are three different functions that this collar can perform, i.e. sound, vibration and shock. It's a little pricey but surely does the work well.