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Wireless dog fence system for 1 dog Success
Wireless dog fence system for 1 dog Success
  • Product Features:

  • Based on the circular signal area in the center of transmitter and remote control, the control range is up to 300 meters
  • Automatically start warning tone and static shock mode if the dog is out of the remote control range
  • Five kinds of transmitter signals with different distances represent remote control range
  • Important Note:

  • The distance will be slightly reduced by electromagnetic waves or obstacles around the fence
  • Insufficient battery power may cause intermittent operation. Don't use it and charge it immediately for low battery
  • Don't put your collar on your dog for more than 10
  • Keep receivers away from children
Wireless dog fence system for 1 dog Success for all size dogs
Wireless dog fence system for 1 dog Success package content

Considerations re installing a wireless dog fence

  • A Wireless dog fence may not suitable for narrow properties – the property needs to be 30ft wide min.
  • Terrain challenges: The lay of the land may not be suitable. A wireless dog fence is not ideal for sloping or terraced gardens.
  • Heavily wooded areas can interrupt the signal. Similarly metal objects and fencing can grossly effected the signal leading to dead spots. This happens with all AM electronic dog fences.
  • A wireless dog fence collar cannot be worn indoors as is prone to activation from objects within the house – TV’s and dimmer switches as well as other household appliances.
  • Fence wobble – the boundary with a wireless dog fence fluctuates so the dog boundary will change causing confusion/danger to the dog .With some systems the Wireless Fence wobble can be up to 16ft.
  • A wireless fence cannot be used with houses that have a mobile phone signal booster or smart meter.
  • The Wireless dog fence receiver collar is heavy and bulky and not really suitable for small dogs or cats.
  • Does not give adequate warning if the pet enters the zone.

The wireless fence does work for some owners.  It would be fair to say that this product is probably more suitable to US houses where the house is on an open plan flat plot. For UK households most gardens are already fenced and the wireless dog fence is a backup. With US houses the wireless fence may be the only containment parameter. If the zone does not cover every inch of the property it is not quite so crucial. With a UK garden if the owner has a fence running around the boundary and the installs an interior circular zone this is confusing for the dog.

Also if the owner is prepared to remove the computer collar when the dog enters the house this would make the wireless fence a good option.

Most owners will agree that boundary wobble is unfair for the pet the if the wireless dog fence is being added as a secondary fence it may not be quite such an important issue.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ramses Verlinden

This system works like a charm. I have a large extremely impulsive dog. We needed a way to keep our pet in our backyard without obstructing the view I received this Wireless Dog Fence System few day ago. My husband helped me set the boundaries and the fence was set up in about 10 minutes. I trained my dog with those training flags, It takes to have my dog to know those flags and boundaries. He has run past the boundary line to chase another dog and quickly returned to our front door.

My tough dog fixed!!

I have a 3 year old female dalmatian, who likes to chase certain people, I bought the pet safe wired system like 2 years ago... the system worked for my other dogs perfectly but had no effect on her! I decided to try this system but seriously doubted it would work, but it does!!! It's on max but after 5 days training she's perfect and has no desire to test the fence! I'm so happy, money well spent!
Only thing I don't like is the fence changes distance a little bit, I gave up trying to put the flags in for training...