Why is My Cat Sleeping in The Litter Box? 8 Reasons!

Why is My Cat Sleeping in The Litter Box? 8 Reasons!

That’s why cats love sleeping in the litter box

In conclusion, if your cat is sleeping in the litter box, it's probably for one of these reasons:

  • The litter box has its smell.
  • Cat litter was changed.
  • It feels no place is safe except the litter box.
  • It doesn’t know it’s a litter box.
  • It prefers a small and dark place.
  • It feels stressful, especially with multiple cats living.
  • It sicks.
  • It is just like the box.

Here is the solution for these reasons.

Solutions when cat sleeps in cat litter box

Remember that cats can get sick from sleeping in the litter box, like cat cystitis. During adjusting your cat's sleeping habits, you will need to change the cat litter more frequently so that your cat does not come into contact with it and cause a bladder infection. The following measures need to be taken as soon as possible.

Find the real reasons

Cats are clean lovers, and when a cat sleeps in the litter box, he will likely feel secure in having his place. If the cat sleeps in the litter box multiple times, it can be argued that it has no other place to rest.

In particular, cats are animals with a strong sense of territoriality, so they are used to feeling nervous and anxious when they cannot smell.

If you have multiple cats, try separating them to stop the cat from sleeping in the litter box.

Training the cats

Some cats, especially younger kittens, do not recognize a litter box. If the cat owner changes the litter box's location or uses a litter that the cat does not like, please install the litter box in a place that the cat likes and use a suitable litter. Keeping the litter box clean is also important, so the cat does not feel anxious.

If the cat often sleeps in the litter box, the cat owner must tell the cat that the litter box is not a place to sleep, so please make sure to monitor the cat's behavior after entering the litter box. If the cat can develop a habit, it will recognize the litter box as a place to defecate, so please be patient and train until the cat remembers it.

Besides, you can use our products to get the cat's attention, like a cat scratching board

cat scratching board

Make room temperature comfortable

It is also important to keep the room temperature comfortable so that the cat does not sleep in the litter box. Temperatures that are cool and warm to us can be too cold or too hot for cats. The comfortable temperature for cats is about 20-28°C all year round, so cats need to avoid rooms that are too cool in the summer and too warm in the winter. For cats, room temperature and humidity are directly related to health, so it is safe to say that this is always the part to pay attention to.

Use Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

The automatic smart self-cleaning litter box removes cat feces and odors, preventing cats from smelling themselves inside.

As the smart litter box will run, the cat may be frightened, so it can also effectively prevent staying inside for a long time. Our smart cat litter box has an automatic safety door, preventing cats from getting stuck.



With these solutions, we can get rid of the cat's complaints. Go ahead and try it!