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Wireless dog fences has saved us! Our dog was getting out all the time, digging under fences, causing trouble with the neighbors, etc. Now we have no issues because this electric dog collar. It took probably 2 days for our dog to truly understand the boundaries but he caught on quickly. Our dog now stays within the boundaries at all times and we are happy dog owners again. I will say that set up was tricky. I wish the range could change from a circle to a square (most people’s properties are square). Set up was a bit confusing and took some trial and error and lots of walking around figuring out where to adjust the boundary but once we got it set up it has been smooth sailing. We have had it for a couple months now, we always forget to turn the collar off at night time oops but have had not had to replace battery. We wish we would have bought this a year ago when we first got our doggo.

So we rescued a stray and unlike every other cat I’ve owned; he refuses to use the restroom outside. And I can’t stand the idea of having a box of poop sitting anywhere in the house. So the deal was someone else would be responsible for cleaning the litter daily. That lasted for a week or two of course and then there was a litter box full of poop all the time. SO. I took a chance on this amazing litter box and WOW. It does everything it says it will do. Our cat jumped in it immediately (bc he loves to stink up a clean litter box) and sure enough - 5 minutes after he hopped out the door closed, the rake did it’s thing, the poop was dropped into a discreet/covered garbage bin, and the litter was then sanitized! Both cat and I are much happier knowing his litter is as clean as it can get every time he uses it. I’ve taken it apart, for cleaning, once so far - it was quick and easy. I love that the color of the light tell you exactly what’s going on at the moment; AND that having the lights on are optional. Is it expensive - yeah. Is it worth it - heck yeah! 10-10 recommend.

I got this with the hopes of not having to scoop my cats litter box every day/every couple of days, and it surpassed my expectations. This thing works SO WELL! It is very easy to get the dirty litter out and you just replace the litter as needed. I love how it's easy to use with just a couple of buttons. it does come with an instruction manual that is easy to use and set up. If you're looking for a non messy, electric, self cleaning litter box then this is for you!

When i read buyers reviews I was impressed by so many adventures of smart design cat litter and decided to try it on for my pets. It came fast delivery in the box in almost all set up condition, the rest parts was easy to assemble: just put a garbage bag and turn on WI FI through app ELS PET for control and timing of self cleaning option with robotic shoveling. This smart technology uses infrared sensing for animal protection during cleaning. That is so nice. Also it has UVA sanitizing for the litter after deleting fecal material. I am happy that my cat uses this box for 2 weeks and finally i have no WORRY litter box and fresh smell at home. Very good technology. I hope it will serve me for long time.

Product arrived in record time. I was so thrilled to have this. I absolutely adore my two brother kitties but nothing makes me more upset then scooping cat poop or waking up to the odor of a freshly made pile. Not only is this item way more attractive than a normal catbox but I don't smell odors like before. The instructions to set it up are extremely vague. I gotta say I had to Google it over about.Like three times and I still didn't figure it out. I had to ask someone for their help. Nevertheless, I am still pleased with the results. It scoops for you and all you have to do is throw it away and put down a new bag. Obviously, you must freshen the litter ever week but still it's a much more pleasant process than before. The price is steep I must say but if it is In Your budget to afford one, it's worth it. Upon the first week of setup, the cats were a bit skittish about using it, but they are slowly coming around. Another issue I was confronted with was the type of cat litter needed. You most definitely do not want to use low budget or heavy litter. It will burn out the motor. I guys today cat is a good one to use. Unfortunately, I misread the instructions and I bought crystal litter even thou it states that crystal litter is not recommended. No e been using it anyway and am having no problems. Doesn't clump great but I'm not going to waste it so crystal litter does work just doesn't work as well as what they suggest.

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