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Only your dog's barking will be detected.

The impact system of the collar will not be accidentally activated by any external sounds. A specialized chip will only pick up on the barking of your dog. The collar will not be activated by shaking, and in addition, other sounds will be screened out and prevented from ever activating the collar, so your dog is protected from any false activation and punishment of no reason.


KAROTEHZH smart dog bark collar is specially designed to bring back the peace to your home and the neighborhood by stopping aggressive barking of your dog, while not hurting the furry friend thanks to the humane workflows.

2 Humane Working ModesThis dog barking collar is specially designed with 2 humane working modes that will better suit your training purpose and at the same time protect your dog. The 2 modes are: beep+vibration and beep+vibration+shock. Plus that the shock element was tested extensively to prevent any possible pain from the training. Your dog will not be hurt in any way.

5 Adjustable Sensitivity LevelsTo better suit different dog breeds and sizes, this dog training anti-bark collar features 5 adjustable sensitivity levels that can be easily selected by pressing a button. This bark collar is designed to suit small to large breed dogs and will ensure effective functionality while being friendly to the pet dogs.

Smart Protection MechanismYour dog's bark collar will gradually increase in intensity if your dog persists in barking. The dog bark collar has a built-in safety feature that activates after being triggered six times and lasts for 30 seconds (the device now reads "8"). In addition, if there is no bark for 30 seconds, the barking collar will reset.

Adjustable Collar StrapThe size of the collar may range from 8 inches all the way up to 24 inches, making it very easy to control. The length of the barking detector element is 2.6 inches, and its width is 1.5 inches.

High-Quality Water Tight SealingThe collar carries a water-resistance rating of 100% and has an high waterproof grade. There's no need to worry about the rechargeable bark collar if your furry buddy rush through mud or water.

Large-Cap BatteryThis anti-barking dog training collar is equipped with large-capacity battery, which can be fully charged in 2-3 hours, and after that, it can provide power for the bark collar to work up to 15 days continuously. The USB rechargeable bark collar can be charged by a power bank, a laptop, a computer and any device with a USB port.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works great!

Bark collar works great! Easy to use and when fully charged battery lasts 8 days before having to charge it. I recommend for any dog that barks at everything!

Very effective!

Our dog was barking like crazy every time a delivery person would come to our door. The collar was easy to set up and there was a significant reduction barking in just a few days. I like that the intensity can be adjusted, and hopefully we can reduce it over time. Battery life is good and the product feels high quality.

Hagit atzmon
Worked immediately!

Our dog tends to bark a lot at certain times and we struggled with how to correct him. I applied this collar, and watched his confused face when he started barking! It definitely got his attention. I used it on the tone and vibrate mode. When it senses barking, it give several tones followed by vibration. It is very humane and does not bother the dog, but gets his attention and he has learned quickly that it is not good behavior. I have been using it so far for about a week sporadically every day, and have yet to charge it. The battery seems very dependable.
Would definitely recommend!

Hagit atzmon
Great for Lassie!

It has been a dozen years since I have needed a bark Collar for young Collies. Been raising them since 1972. These collars have really come a long way. Back then and before the variety available from Amazon, I tried the shock collars and spray collars and they didn't have a vibrate mode back in the day. I also found most could not get through the double coat, rough coat mane that Collies are well known for. I needed one that could, but that has a unit the is smaller rather than a big "box" hanging off my dogs neck. This bark collar fits the bill and the price is very good, and it picks up through two coats of hair. It is well built, being IP rated for the rainy weather of Oregon. The probes and sensitivity is perfect for the double coat breeds, and the size of the business end is perfect, not too big, yet big enough to operate the controls. The controls are basic, meaning I don't have to stand on my head and rub my belly to go through tons of menus. I wanted the shock function but started out on vibrate and after figuring out a good sensitivity, setting 3, I could hear a light beep warning, then the next bark generated an instant response. I don't think I Will need to switch over to shock. I got my dogs instant attention. I Will be buying a second for her brother. Back in the day they used a specialized battery that was almost as expensive as the collar. Being able to charge these off a USB on my laptop is amazing. High marks for this one!